Seven Attractive Spots in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This summer why not make KL your favourite holiday destination? Much of the travel stories we hear about the world’s most famous cities like Dubai, New York, Sydney etc. They say Malaysia is ‘Truly Asia’. That’s true. Malaysia is considered as a melting-pot of the Asian culture. The beautiful city of Kuala Lumpur, KL, (also the capital of Malaysia), gives you every kind of Asian sensation that you would love to experience. If you are wondering why you should add Kuala Lumpur in your travel plan, keep reading this:

1. Petronas Twin Towers:

When you first hear about the twin towers, the (late) New York twin towers strike your mind. But the KL has its own kind of twin towers; the Petronas towers. Standing 1,483 ft. tall, depicting Islamic theme in its design was considered the tallest building of the world during 1990s and now the tallest twin towers of the world connected with double decked sky bridge. Petronas is fun-hub in itself as besides shopping mall and parks, it has Art Gallery, KL Convention Centre, Dewan Filharmonik Petronas concert hall which is considered world’s best classical music venue. Moreover, to your surprise, it is home to the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra. The 88-storey sky scrapper gives mesmerizing view of the entire city on its observation deck. The view is entirely different during the day and night. So if you wish to visit Petronas, don’t forget to go on top.

2. Islamic Arts Museum:

If you are fond of studying history, art and culture, then you must not forget to visit Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia. The architecture gallery bears the finest models of famous mosques all around the world, including Ka’aba in Makkah. The Qura’n and Manuscript Gallery has beautiful copies of Quran from Indian Sultanate which dates back to the 15th to 16th centure A.D., rehal, a wooden stand to hold Quran mostly while reading. The special thing about this is from Ottoman Turkey. A special feature is the scriptures written on the wooden tablets with permanent ink called ‘Lawh’ during 20th century and is brought from Africa and Mali. The fancy tea sets made of metal from India is something you have never seen before. The velvet royal dresses covered with beautiful embroidery from the 19th century compel you to imagine the valour of the royals of that time. There is much more to explore in this museum; so if you have thirst for art and culture, this visit stands mandatory.

3. Kul Bird Park:
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One speciality of the KL is Bird Park that is spread over 20.9 acres. It is world’s largest free-flight walk-in aviary. The park is home to near 3000 species of birds. The species that you have never seen before will give you an experience worthy of it. Here, you will get the opportunity to see Mandarin ducks, hawk eagles, dancing peacocks, hornbills, ostriches and various kinds of friendly colourful parrots. There are lots of activities arranged for the public engagement. There is feeding time for rainbow lorikeets and red lory, specie of parrots. Along with leisure, the park is also a centre for research and those who love to study birds in nature habitat and observe their behaviour patterns. There is an Egg Incubation Room and Nursery where chicken eggs are artificially incubated. The bird show is something that you must not miss at all. The photography with these beautiful birds is a must for everyone who visits this park.

4. Aquaria KLCC:
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When it comes to attractions, KL is not behind in creating attraction of any sort. There is something quite ‘fishy’ about Kuala Lumpur. Yes, you will find a big aquarium in KLCC. The Aquaria will leave you in wonders. Spread over 60,000 sq. ft, you would see the sea creatures from all around the world. Giant pacific octopi, sand tiger sharks, green sea turtles, aquatic mammals such as water rats and coatimundis, raccoon are species that you would love to see. An interesting thing is that whole visit is organized and divided in such a manner that you completely enjoy every section of the Aquaria. Each section like the Coast, Flooded Forest, Jewels of the Jungle, Electric Zone etc make your visit worthy of it. To add current to your visit, electric eel and electric catfish will do the job. Your physical interaction with sea creatures will give lifetime experience with these species. The Feeding Sessions, a must-not-to-miss, will complete the whole visit. Don’t forget to take the souvenirs like T-shirts, stuffed toys etc. from there.

5. Lake Symphony:

What could be more interesting after your visit to aquaria? Lake Symphony, a manmade lake covering the base of Petronas near 10,000 sq mt, makes your evening beautiful. The best thing about musical show at Symphony is that it’s totally free and held after every half an hour. So, there is no point to miss it. Whether you are sitting in a restaurant there or at the lake side, you enjoy the show at its best. The fountains dancing at the beat of the music catch and retain your attention. The twisting water with blinking colourful lights makes your body move. The splash of water during the show holds your breathe. Unlike Dubai, you would experience the fountain show here for longer time.

6. Batu Caves:

If you got little interest in religions and their history, then you would like to visit Batu Caves. You would see countless tourists over there exploring their points of interest in the huge limestone hill. Guarding outside the 42 meter high gold statue of Lord Murugan welcomes the visitors. Beside the statue, there are 272 steps that lead to Batu Caves. On stepping 272nd step, you will enter the main cave the Temple Cave. Dark Cave, another attraction serves the purpose of tourists with interest in science and education. It sounds scary that it is also home to some rare species of spiders. There are more like Cave Villa and Ramayan Cave that bear statues of Gods like Hanuman, the monkey god, Holy Cow, and other pictures of Hindu epic. All decorated with colours and fancy pictures. When you visit the caves, beware of ever hungry monkeys that are always after your food.

7. Menara Tower KL:

Visiting Menara means time to experience some adventure. Seventh tallest free standing tower in the world, it serves the purpose of communications, mainly. More interestingly, it has revolving restaurant at the top, the highest viewpoint in the KL. Each year races are held to reach the top as well as international jump events are arranged on the top of this tower for adventurers from every corner of the world. If you are not height phobic and love to adventure, then this opportunity must not be wasted. The revolving restaurant gives serene beauty at night when it is illuminated. When you reach at the top you can view the city and can try jumping as well to reach the ground.


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