Top Five Destinations of 2016

Lao Tzu said, “A good traveller has no fixed plans”; I say, “A good traveller has no fixed destination”. The world of a traveller never ends. There are thousands of destinations with their unexplored beauties and unique attributes that a passionate traveller just like you must know and take not a single minute to stay undecided whether to explore that new world or not. Pretty much of you have explored Dubai and Americas, right? This year you should refresh your destination list and add some new places in it. Here are the five best ideas that would make your travel experience worthy of it.

5: Manila:

Marked with the Spanish Colonial architecture as well as showing off the modern day sky scrapers, Manila, a most beautiful city of Philippines, stands the tourists’ favourite destination this year. They say Manila never sleeps. For sure it does not. At bay, during night, the looming moon behind the sky scrapper buildings gives breath taking scenery. If you love to study history, art, and culture, then you have hit the perfect place in your list. Fort Santiago, National Museum of the Filipino bears treasures that include a large collection of pre-Hispanic artefacts and musical instruments, and displays on indigenous textiles. Note that you also get an opportunity to visit the National Gallery of Art.
4: Wellington:

Now this is Wellington! Yes again another very unique and artistic destination waiting for you. It gives all sorts of attractions and tourist activities from breath taking adventure to soothing and novel beaches as seen from the Mount Victoria. Moreover, if you have thirst to know more about the culture, art and geological history of New Zealand, never miss out visiting the national museum of New Zealand, Te Papa. Add more fun and experience to your trip by travelling in famous Cable Car of Wellington; you would surely love to leave your luxurious car and see the city from a new perspective.
3: Cairo:


Cairo has the privilege to give the tourists’ attraction of its own kind. The Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, the river Nile, largest in the world, you must have listened about these wonders. There is something more; Dahshur and Saqqara, the two archaeological sites, along with Egyptians Antiquities Museum bearing 120,000 items from the ancient Egypt including 27 royal mummies from Pharaonic times will leave you in wonders. Holiday makers should find beach resorts at Ain Sukhna as a great destination to escape the heat during hot summers. The beaches surely soothe you when you are tired of travelling all around the city. Cairo in the wish list will win your life time experience.
2: Seoul:

Seoul is glittery and flashy metropolis cultural hub. It never sleeps. Whether you are an early bird or night party goer; Seoul has it all. Two things that beautify Seoul are starry nights and Cherry Blossom festival. Peak season for blossoms is March and April. Changdeokgung Palace reveals its magical beauty not only during the day but also at night if you stroll around the palace under moonlight, a must visit place, for sure.
1: Cape Town:

Capetown, aerial view, South Africa

Capetown, aerial view, South Africa

Beautiful beaches, with the gigantic backdrop of Table Mountain define Cape Town, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It has scrupulously preserved the Edwardian and Victorian age buildings. If you plan your tour, make sure you do not miss out visiting the Table Mountain National Park and experience the Aerial Cableway. The city is attributed by the blend of two Oceans; the Atlantic and the Indian, hence, make you experience two different styles of beaches. This year Capetown is worth visiting.

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