Top Affordable Caribbean Breaks

Indulge in tropical cocktails
For most people, the very thought of a trip to the Caribbean tends to conjure up images of turquoise waters, powder white beaches, sizzling sunshine and lush foliage. Happily, this is all quite close to fact. Include a laid-back atmosphere, tropical breezes, sumptuous local cuisine, and a diverse culture, and you’re pretty much spot on.
No matter where you go in the Caribbean, you’ll find yourself having unforgettable experiences and a holiday that will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and eager to come back and sample more of what the Caribbean has to offer. You can choose from a great selection of fabulous Caribbean holidays, each of which has something unique and exciting to offer.


Three top affordable Caribbean holidays

Many people are keen to escape to a paradisical destination and get away from the stresses of daily life for a week or two. However, with the current financial climate the way it is, most people are having to be mindful about how much they spend on their annual holidays. You can choose from a great selection of affordable yet incredible Caribbean holiday experiences, so you get to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Cuba holidays

Independent since 1902, Cuba is a wonderful, fascinating and unique Caribbean destination, that’s home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. If you want to get up close and personal with paradise on earth, Cuba is the place for you. It’s not simply a destination for sun seekers, idyllic beaches and tropical heat, (though there are nearly 300 beaches on the island if that’s what you want) – it’s also an island steeped in a fascinating and sometimes disquieting history, where visitors can immerse themselves in the unique culture of the place.
When it comes to expense, this island is one of the most affordable in the Caribbean, which makes it a great choice for those looking to experience the region at a non-prohibitive price. There are many incredible places to stay, visit, and explore in Cuba, such as the historic capital city of Havana with its Cadillac-filled streets and candy-colored buildings, its second city, Santiago de Cuba, or the stunning Cayos islands.

cayos island
Unforgettable experiences awaiting.

Dominican Republic holidays

The Dominican Republic is one of the most popular Caribbean destinations among holidaymakers, and this is not surprising as it also tends to be the most affordable. This is a place where you will find stunning resorts alongside breath-taking natural beauty. There is a very diverse landscape to take in here, from its incredible coastline to lush rainforests and majestic mountains.
There is also plenty of history and culture to explore in the Dominican Republic, with a range of fascinating historical sites to explore. One of the most significant of these places is the first city in the New World Santo Damingo, which was discovered in 1496 by Christopher Columbus’ brother, Bartolomeo. The city, one of the most heavily populated in the Caribbean, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and offers a curious mix of medieval and the ultra-modern in terms of architecture.

Barbados holidays

Barbados is a Caribbean destination that is enduringly popular with the British. While some of the architecture and even the recreational activities give off a very British feel, the gorgeous landscapes, beautiful beaches and sizzling sunshine will make you think of any place but home. Barbados combines a relaxed vibe and chilled out ambiance with vibrant nightlife, exciting festivities and fascinating culture.
You will be able to choose from a number of popular beach resorts when you visit Barbados, with stunning areas such as St James and Christ Church. Along the coast of St James, which is a favourite with the rich and famous, you will find Holetown, which was the first British settlement in Barbados. No matter which of these stunning destinations you choose for your holiday, you’re guaranteed to feel you’ve escaped to another world. Drink in those breath-taking surroundings and immerse yourself in the relaxing atmosphere of the Caribbean.


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